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Est. 2004, We are an inspirational product brand that designs, develops and sells menswear, home decor, and accessories. We share our stories of accomplishments and hardships through every product we produce. With sharing our story, we hope to inspire & relate with like-minded individuals who seek progression & happiness.

History and Heritage

2004 - Today

ABSTRAXX was founded in the summer of 2004 by American product designer and entrepreneur David Lewis Kyle. David embarked on a journey to develop an apparel brand that helped explore his creative freedom, spread global inspiration, and deliver a quality product that would make us look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. At an early age, fashion provided David with confidence he never received in his childhood while creating art provided him with an expression of freedom, a voice when too shy to speak, and an environment where he was accepted and appreciated. Because of the impact art and fashion has on David’s life, he feels the need to continue to respect the culture. Giving back by providing inspiration, details, and substance in every product is important to the foundation of ABSTRAXX. Today, ABSTRAXX is carried in over 70 locations worldwide and all products are designed by David Lewis Kyle

Stand Alone

Our slogan “Stand Alone” represents one’s self-belief. In order for anyone to pursue a dream, they must “Stand Alone” and take that first step independently.

ST(and) AL(one)


to help build interior & XXterior confidence & deliver a message that dreams come true.