I created ABSTRAXX in 2004. Without a budget or any employees to grow the company. I created 100% of the designs, created marketing strategies, handled shipping, customer service, retail sales, built websites, negotiate production, order production, handle financing, negotiate sample fees & production cost with over seas & domestic manufacturers, applied for trademarking, registering copyright info, etc etc etc. I have no previous experience in business or fashion, I feed off common sense, my gut feeling, and watching youtube videos that provided education & inspiration. ABSTRAXX is living proof anything is possible.

Every dream takes time to come true. Be patient, be passionate, be true to your craft, & never burn bridges

ABSTRAXX is currently seeking financial investors & partners to help xxpand product selection, inventory, & brand growth. If you are interested in being an ABSTRAXX financial investor or partner, please fill out our Investor Inquiry Form

Special Thank You to the ones who’ve believed & supported ABSTRAXX growth over the years:

  • Cassandra Macasieb
  • Frankie Soto
  • My Mom
  • Gwilym McGrew
  • Jay Rosales
  • Robert Kyle
  • George Hedstrom
  • Verdell Wright

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